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Besides learning about  Bloom’s “revised” Taxonomy, I like to approach teaching and learning in a dynamic, student-centered way to keep engagement high and learning consistent.

I consider myself a life-long learner and my aim is to entice students/clients of all ages, into a life-long relationship with personal educational and community development. I teach students to use all of the tools of logic and cogency that give form to critical thinking and analysis yet feel confident enough to think “outside the box.”

I firmly believe that higher student engagement takes place when clients/participants have clear expectations, input on what they learn, and constructive criticism that leads improvement. While criticism is a very important factor in assessment, it has always been a professional requirement to teach students how to provide constructive feedback that helps other students to learn in a tangible way so that they can integrate the benefits of  feedback at home and school.

I  build on the foundation of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy by getting students to “understand and learn” through cooperative group building using ice breakers and leadership development activities. After engagement begins a segue to climbing the pyramid of Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy, confidence, mastery and application of all instructional objectives and content standards become more relevant. The constructivist principle that the student has the same potential to be an effective teacher is a concept that I promote and reinforce throughout any course that I facilitate. This learner-centered approach builds character and confidence among students while emphasizing the strength of diversity within every community.

I like to provide examples of my work, give demonstrations and require that students participate each day. This has been a very effective tool because each student gets a strong message that participation is the key to higher degrees of success.

In addition to perturbing students to participate, I encourage them to laugh at themselves and discuss how frightening it can be in front of a classroom filled with classmates or on the stage of life with your peers. It is an excellent opportunity to build and reinforce a classroom culture based on behavior that is positively reinforced verbally. Recognizing and commending  efforts to participate over their precision in completing assignments is essential in the early stages setting the stage to raise expectations over time that keep the groups within the “flow-zone” where it is not so difficult that for students with low skills to keep up yes not so slow that the gifted child becomes bored and disengaged.

After the student understands that they are in a supportive environment, then I can apply all of the “best practices” in instructional design filled with learning objectives, and opportunities to research and meet the challenge of public speaking and academic rigor.  Constructing a positive and affirming environment can help students develop a healthier relationship with education. At this stage,  we move on to activities with a sense of comfort and purpose which imparts a sense of student ownership and inclusion that lead to shared and individual success within the classroom culture.

Icebreaker activities are a great way to capture each student’s attention while providing opportunity for a kinesthetic “hands-on” experience for active students and a audio/visual experience for multimodal learners. Since people teach and learn using different styles, I like to use variety and encourage students to share which approach of the lesson they learned best from. This comes in especially handy for students who are required to have services through an Individual Education Program (IEP) or section 504 of the Rehabilitation act of 1973; a section which demands that we make accommodations whenever it is necessary to “mainstream” the student.

Besides education, I am a webmaster and certified Online Teaching and Learning Specialist. I have an excellent understanding of Learning Management Systems (LMS), Content Management Systems (CMS) and various coding languages including: HTML, DHTML, XML, Javascript, Actionscript and PHP.

In short, I am a dynamic educator with a wide range of skills. I have experience as an Administrator, a Teacher, Program Manager, Executive Director of a CBO and a contract web designer/project manager.

If you have and questions, please feel free to email me jdcogmon@jdcogmon.net or jdcogmon@gmail.com.